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See what folks are saying about their experiences.

Allison has treated me for migraines, overall stress and anxiety stemming from life changes associated with menopause. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have greatly improved the quality of my life while maintaining my preference to not introduce psychotropic medication to address symptoms. She has helped me steadily build up my immune system, better understand how to take care of myself and enjoy the benefits of this approach to wellness in my life. Her warm presence, competence in her field and genuine enthusiasm for her work have all led me to continue to seek out care with her. The individualized attention that Allison provides is rare these days and her collaborative approach keeps me engaged.
— Michelle Lesnak (visual artist, art therapist, mother, friend)
“Allison Jacob is a professional and authentic practitioner. I came to her for help with menopausal issues that were affecting my daily life – sweats, brain fog and lack of energy, as well as an injured shoulder. My symptoms improved after the first treatment and I experienced cumulative improvement with each successive treatment. After several months, treatment was no longer needed. Acupuncture with Allison is relaxing, painless and effective.”
— M. B.
“I was seriously sidelined with a lumbar disc herniation, in a great deal of pain, and on some hefty pharmaceuticals. Allison’s acupuncture treatments provided relief almost immediately. With her help I was able to return to my activities and wean off the medications with no withdrawal symptoms. Allison helps me to achieve well-rounded health by asking about my current emotional and physical state, and customizing her treatment plan accordingly.”
— C. N.
I was stricken with Bells Palsy in early May of 2018, after the official diagnosis, a friend suggested acupuncture to lessen the effects and to speed up the recovery time. I knew really nothing about acupuncture and was of course somewhat skeptical. After learning that my insurance would cover most of the cost, I decided to give it a try.

After the first week of treatments with Allison, I was a believer. She explained the entire concept and how I could benefit from the treatments. The Bells Palsy is pretty much gone after just two weeks and I feel 100% better. Allison listened to my concerns and concentrated on my immediate concerns and made the entire experience pain free and relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone looking for relief through holistic medicine.
— D.W.
“I began working with Allison primarily with issues relating to stress, anxiety, ongoing pain and hypertension. I had limited experience with acupuncture, and am generally a skeptic. I have never seemed to experience that “Aha moment” that others have described with chiropractic, massage, meditation, etc. With Allison it was a different story. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, so I could open my mind and allow myself to accept the benefits of treatment. After my first treatment, I felt very powerful results with regard to stress, relaxation, and pain management. My blood pressure seems to be steadily improving as well as I continue treatment. I seem to be able to move around more easily, and joint pain has markedly dissipated. I continue to experience results from treatment that are downright remarkable. I am able to walk, work out at the gym, climb around in the woods, ride in the car and on my motorcycle and just plain sit comfortably and relax without the aches and pains I’d experienced prior to beginning treatment. In addition, I enjoy Allison’s respectful approach, enthusiasm, sense of humor, compassionate demeanor, and obvious knowledge of the science she has studied. I’ve become a great believer of the treatment she has provided, and greatly appreciate the care she has given me.”
— C. Y.
“I started treatment a few months ago and it was the best decision I could have made! Before I started working with Allison, I was having headaches daily, I was miserable and suffering from severe migraines. Since I’ve been working with Allison I no longer have daily headaches, my migraines are fewer each month and I just feel better! Allison is so gentle and knows what she is doing. The whole experience is very calming. I’m not just working on my headaches but other things as well and it truly has helped so much! I am constantly recommending acupuncture and Allison to everyone I can!”
— A. F.